Transformer Bushings DIN 42530
Transformer Bushings DIN 42531
Transformer Bushings EN 50386
Transformer Flags DIN 43675
Transformers Accessories DIN42533
Flange Ring DIN 42538
BJL-10/10-300 Transformer Bushings
BJL-35(40)/35-630 Transformer Bushings
BF-1/315-1250 Transformer Bushings
BF-1/1600-4000 Transformer Bushings
BD-10(20)-630/3150 Transformer Bushings
Transformer Flags
Transformer Accessories
Transformer outer cover
Electrical Laminated wood
Hangzhou QianTang River transformer Accessories Co., Ltd was founded in March 1999, located near Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Hangzhou QianTang River transformer Accessories Co., Ltd company is a professional production of power transformer components manufacturing company which cover 20000 square meters, and registered capital of 8 million RMB. Hangzhou QianTang River transformer Accessories Co., Ltd mainly serves the domestic and oversea power transformer manufacturers, and has acted in accordance with good faith for over 12 years. The company takes the customers’ demands as the core of their work, while continuously explore the domestic and international market. After years of development, the company is increasing the scale of productivity; the annual production supply domestic transformer manufacturers transformer bushings ……
AL-alloy outer cover
Transformer Flags
250A-630A DIN43675
2000A-5000A EN50386
DIN42530 1000A-3150A
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